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Every child deserves a story with future

“Seven Stories” About the Stress of Autism

You could have heard that chronic stress of a mother of an autistic child is similar to that of a war veteran. This statement has occurred and spread after a study at the University of Wisconsin, Maddison, that is, it is not at all an exaggeration.  Yet, what affects...

Hristo Yanev Climbs Mont Blanc

Why is the former fooball player and head coach taking on this challenge? What is pushing him to set out up the Alpine slopes in order to climb the ace of peaks in Western Europe?  Hristo has a cause, which supports the children with problems in their communicative...

Hristo Yanev Shares with Toto

"I'd like to help children in the autistic spectrum. I want to buy a centre, to build and equip it so that it gives the opportunity for speech therapists who are very well educated, very knowledgeable, capable, highly qualified to give all the attention to these...

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