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Because every child deserves a story with future

Let’s make the dreams of their mothers come true

To build key skills

Regardless of all our differences, that is the delightfulness of our society, we manage to enjoy this diversity only through our ability to communicate. This is really the strongest yearning of a mother who has a child with communicative and developmental problems: that her child can learn how to communicate in a way that he is accepted. 

To get integrated in society

This should be our common goal as human beings and members of society. At the moment plenty of the children with developmental problems grow up and remain forever dependent on their mothers’ care. Our wish is to help these children in their long-term integration in society through the therapeutic centre we want to build.

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Read a Story about Autism

We are going to tell you a story about autism in our daily life… 

Not about the diagnosis and not as specialists, but rather as people, who go through it every day with the children and their parents. We know how difficult it is to talk about the peculiarities of your favourite child, who does not behave like the rest. All specifics in their behaviour, which make everyday life different, the habits of the whole family, going out, going shopping, travel, the most common meetings with friends – it is all different.

At home

Daily life at home revolves around the child’s reactions. Oftentimes they are odd, unpleasant, destructive even. Within the spectrum of a too quiet, noise-avoidant child to screaming, inconsolable crying and tantrums, self-harming, the family is trying to relieve the signs of discomfort and suffering. They are always looking for the triggers and how to prevent them. 


Corporate Partnership

Order a Calendar for 2022

The money from the sold calendars would brings us closer to our objective to collect the resources needed to build a quality therapeutic centre for disabled children.

  • Calendar in full colour with inspiring shots of children
  • Two-sided print, 6 sheets, spiral binding
  • Kindly supported by Klett Bulgaria Ltd.
  • Design by Stoyana Dionissieva

Shipment starts at BGN 7 based on the package size within 1 working day after confirmation via email.

Календар за 2022 на сдружение Седем истории

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