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Seven Stories

Charity campaign for constructing a therapeutic centre for children with developmental and communicative issues, because every child deserves a story with future.

A few words about autism

We are going to tell you a story about autism in everyday life. Not about the diagnosis and not as specialists, but rather as people who live through it every day with the children and their parents.

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CloudCart lent a helping hand to “Seven Stories” to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their company. They are donating 50% of the orders made between 1st and 15th May, 2021.

About the organisation "Seven Stories"

We are a team of professionals with successful careers, inspired and energetic people. We believe that we can help create more opportunities for support and care of families with special needs children.

Hristo Yanev

Campaign Initiator and Organiser
Hristo Yanev was a football player in the Bulgarian national team. He became a Bulgarian national champion in 2003 and 2005 and CSKA football player number one for 2005. He had 11 games and 3 goals for the Bulgarian national football team. His sports career went through the teams of Beroe, CSKA, Grenoble, Litex. With the latter he became a champion of Bulgaria twice and a winner of the Super Cup in 2010. In 2015-2016 Hristo Yanev was the Head Coach of CSKA Sofia and led the team to 38 wins and a draw in 39 official games. In 2016 he won the Cup of Bulgaria and South-West “V” division with the team of CSKA Sofia. 

Why a Campaign

Care for the differently abled

We can do more. We understand the pain of the families of these children. They need more. Our society owes this care to them. The Bulgarians are kind-hearted, sympethetic and humane! We can prove that. 

The Campaign in the Media

“The idea occurred to me spontaneously. As early as its very onset it was immediately supported by a lot of people who welcomed my request. I’d like to help autistic children by making a therapeutic centre for them. 

Hristo Yanev Climbs Mont Blanc

Today 20 July, 2020 he conquered Mont Blanc (4180 m) at 05:54 am in support of the charity campaign. 

How You Can Get Involved


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You can find out how the funds raised through the charity campaign will be spent. 

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Support the initiative by ordering an online shop from CloudCart Bulgaria.

Stay tuned

We are going to guarantee absolute transparency for the money raised and spent in the process. 

Svetlana Kartounova

Svetlana Kartounova has an MA in Speech Therapy and Typhlopedagogy. She has been working in the field of early intervention, sensory integration and processing, feeding and interactions for over 20 years now. She has specialised as a Breastfeeding Consultant for the National Association for Breastfeeding Support and has been certified as an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She has founded “Children’s Stories”, an integrated therapeutic practice which has been functioning since 2008.

"In fact, the only reason why we haven't emigrated to a normal country yet is our belief that we are hardly likely to find other therapists, who will do their best so that our child can progress."

Christina Nikolaeva, mother

"It's amazing to observe how the therapists at "Children's Stories" fully devote themselves to their work with these families."

Diana Milkova, mother

We are addressing your questions

Why has Hristo Yanev decided to help “Children’s Stories” among other therapeutic practices? 

Hristo Yanev has been witness to the development of the “Children’s Stories” therapeutic practice through the years. His sympathy for the children and families has been the primary motive for his will to build a centre and sustainability of the Practice.

How can I be sure that my money is really contributing to the cause?

For the current campaign we have appointed an external expert audit in order to guarantee the proper management and use of the funding.

What amount would be needed in total for building and equipping this therapeutic centre? 

To build and equip a centre with parameters for therapeutic activities requires high quality standards – architectural, interior and technical equipment. That’s why the target amount is BGN 500 000.

Can my child attend the practice with the state-funded health insurance paper provided by the GP? 

At this point it is only in hospitals that you can use a state-funded health insurance paper which includes sessions for speech therapy, psychologist etc. 

Will the therapeutic centre only admit children with autistic spectrum disorder? 

The therapeutic centre, as well as the currently functioning practice are orientated to all children with developmental and communicative problems. 

Are you going to offer therapy for parents of children with developmental and communicative issues? 

All parents who want will be able to get a consult. At their will they will be capable of getting the maximum of the Practice’s capacity.

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Лого БНТ
БГ Радио - медиен партньор на "Седем истории"

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