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About “Seven Stories” NGO

Every child deserves a story with future

Charity Initiative


The child – this is the dream, the deepest love, the strongest pain, the future. Each family’s fate changes with the coming of children and pulsates in harmony with their happiness and needs. Yet, it so happens at times that this fate is hard…

We know thoroughly the stories of these families, we know these children. 

We know the anxiety, sorrow and tears of the mothers and fathers. Of the parents of children who are late talkers, who have autistic spectrum disorder, neurological diseases, genetic syndromes and other developmental issues. We know their everyday life. They are in constant need of special care and support.   

Their stories deserve a better future!

We can and must do more! 

Sofia needs more qualified and experienced specialists, more contemporary equipment, more therapeutic practices and offices and a supporting environment. We need more sympathy!

Our Values

We believe in the intuition and the power of each parent to take care of their child as best they can. We believe in the resources of every child, which should get a chance to develop. 

Parents and children deserve ethical attitude and support, information, free choice and access to qualified help when they most need it.

Our Mission

To organise a charity campaign to raise money in order to build and equip a therapeutic centre for children with developmental and communicative issues. 

Our Vision

To maintain high standards and quality of consulting, diagnostics and therapy of communicative disorders in children’s development. 

The Campaign

Support from the Best

Bulgarian and internationally renowned sportspeople are sharing part of their stardom and memorabilia. They are taking part in this campaign and donating their uniquely autographed sports suits. So that they can be part of your and our story. 

Charity Concert

At a specially organised concert starring popular Bulgarian singers and bands each of you will have the chance to win a part of his or her most treasured memories of their favourite team or sportsperson. 

Who Are We

We are professionals with aquired skills and values, which form our moral beliefs. We believe that we can create more opportunities for support and care of families with children who have developmental issues.

„Children’s Stories“ – Integrated Therapeutic Practice 

The theapeutic practice is a team of speech therapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, special needs pedagogues, Montessori therapist. For more than ten years now the practice has been bringing together the skills of specialists, interns, students and volunteers in the concept of integrated therapeutic impact. Throughout this period we have gained experience, additional qualifications and professional competence, we have applied internationally-proven models for working with children in the autistic spectrum, in the field of sensory processing as well as emotional and behavioural regulation. 

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94A Vasil Levski Blvd., 1000 Sofia