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Former football player and CSKA head coach Hristo Yanev is making a centre for autistic children in Sofia. In an interview for Darik Radio and dsport he explained that his charity initiative has already been supported by many, among whom football stars who want to help the kids.  Yanev was positive that autistic children deserve an equal chance in society and to do that they need professional care and assistance.  “The idea occurred to me spontaneously. As early as its onset it was immediately supported by a lot of people who welcomed my request. I want to help autistic children by creating a therapeutic centre for them. It has to be equipped and furnished in a way that they get the needed care at the highest standards. I have taken this task upon myself since I have in a way been through this hardship. I want to give the chance for more children to get a professional care and assistance so that they have an equal chance in society. A lot of people have lent a helping hand. I’m going to get real celebrities involved in the campaign. I’ll do my best that each person who supports this campaign should be able to reach these stars and take home an unforgettable memory. I’d like to build this centre in Sofia. I have discussed the matter with specialists who have been in this field for over 20 years. I want to do this wholeheartedly in a way that the specialists can give the attention needed by the children,” Yanev said.  As published by standardnews.com Author: Plamen Vulkov