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You could have heard that chronic stress of a mother of an autistic child is similar to that of a war veteran. This statement has occurred and spread after a study at the University of Wisconsin, Maddison, that is, it is not at all an exaggeration. 

Yet, what affects the stress levels of the parents of an autistic child? 

1. The physiological condition of the parents and their psychological state of mind. 

2. The child’s inidividual characteristics – deficit levels, related to the main symptoms of autism (social communication disorders and repetitive behaviour), cognitive and adaptive skills, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

3. Support in the family and the community. 

4. Professional support – access of the child to scientifically proven therapies, opportunities for early intervention, training of the parents to deal with specific challenges of the child and their involvement in the intervention process.   

All of the above is relevant to parents of children with other types of disabilities. 

The cause of the campaign #EveryChildDeserves a story with future is building and equipping a modern therapeutic centre for children who are late-talkers, in the autistic spectrum and have emotional-behavioural problems in their development. Professional support will be given both to parents of children. 

We can reduce the stress in the life of these families with disabled children. Let’s reinstate the parents’ self-esteem and the confidence that they can do it. Let’s show them that they are not all by themselves and that we care! 

Let us support the campaign

#EveryChildDeserves a story with future