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Why is the former fooball player and head coach taking on this challenge? What is pushing him to set out up the Alpine slopes in order to climb the ace of peaks in Western Europe? 

Hristo has a cause, which supports the children with problems in their communicative development. He is the initiator of the campaign #EveryChildDeserves a story with future. As a founding member of the Seven Stories NGO Hristo Yanev launched a charity campaign to build and equip a modern therapeutic centre for children who are late-talkers, in the autistic spectrum or have some emotional-behavioural problems in their development. 

On 17 July, 2020 he is leaving for the French-Italian border in order to climb the 4809-metre Mont Blanc. He is appealing for support of his charity campaign. Yanev has been preparing for the event for more than a month now; he has been collecting equipment and planning every step of the way. 

I’m doing this from the heart, because the Bulgarian children and families are worth it.

These are the words of the football legend and everyone who peeks in his eyes can make sure this is the simple truth. 

We are going to follow his hearbeat and all his steps along with every piece of news we are going to publish about the preparation and climbing of Mont Blanc. You have our full support, Hristo! 

The fundraising is not just limited to this initiative. A number of exciting events is being organized which are going to touch the sporting hearts of the football fans with unique trophies of their idols in the Bulgarian and European teams. 


Let us support the cause

#EveryChildDeserves a story with future